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USA Fencing Membership

YOU MUST be a USA Fencing member to take classes at BAFC.

BAFC is a member club of USA Fencing, the official governing body for all
fencers in the United States.


USA Fencing provides Liability Insurance for member clubs, as well as Secondary Medical/Accident Insurance for its fencers. To be covered under the insurance policy, all individuals participating in any fencing
activities at the club must be individual members of USA Fencing. 

Before signing up please fill out this online form (it takes 10 sec).  This form will make it possible for you to be covered for your first few classes while you register with USA Fencing.

Free Trial Membership -Click Here



Here is how to sign up online:

  1. Go to

  2. Click “REGISTER”.

  3. Create an account and fill in your fencer’s information. Please use the student’s name, not your own (unless you are the fencer)!

  4. Follow the sign-up process. Sign up for Central California, competing for Bay Area Fencing Club

  5. Choose the Membership Level: For Beginners choose USA Fencing—Non-Competitive. All competing fencers need to have a competitive membership of USA Fencing.

  6. Pay and finish the registration.

  7. Update your profile on Pike13 or bring the number to the front desk.

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