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Below are the Regional Competitions and National Competitions that BAFC will plan on sending a coach.  Please sign up for these competitions.  You are also welcome to go to any other competitions you would like.  If an event is poorly attended we may have to cancel a coach's attendance.  Strip coaching fees are charged for these competitions.  Local competitions are a great way to get some extra competition during the season and there is no strip coaching fee.  

Feb 10-11:  Regional Youth Circuit in Centennial, CO (Youth 14/12/10)

Feb 16-19:  Junior Olympics in Charlotte, NC (Cadet/Junior)

March 1-4: NAC in Portland, OR (Youth 14/12/10, Cadet)

March 8-10 South Coast RYC/RJCC in Pasadena - Newly added

March 22 - 24: Super Youth Circuit & Regional Junior/Cadet Circuit in Ontario, CA

March 30 - April 1: Regional Youth and Cadet Circuit in Davis, CA

April 12 - 14: Regional Youth and Junior Circuit in Torrance, CA

April 22: ROC (adult event) in San Jose, CA

April 25 - 28:  NAC in Salt Lake City, UT

May 3-5: Regional Youth Circuit in Pomona, CA

May 4-5: Regional Junior/Cadet Circuit in San Diego, CA

Summer Nationals in Columbus Ohio!!!

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Types of Competitions

We are thrilled that so many of you are interested in competing. The following page will have information about how to sign up for competitions.  The regional competitions we are recommending this year and procedures to attend. 

Competitions are divided by age and level. Below is an explanation of the age groups and which ones your fencer belongs.  The age chart is also found on the USA fencing website.



  •  For EVERYONE – We always recommend Local competition.  The competitions are easy to get to, single day events. The competitions are usually smaller.

  • Clubs in the area will put their events on a website called  Often this can even be a couple weeks before the event so just check periodically 

  • You will need your equipment in good working order but there will not be a weapons check. There will not be any vendor either, so have 2+ weapons and body cords.

  •  The cost is not as prohibitive as the Regionals and National events.

  • You can get rated at these events but cannot qualify for Summer Nationals.

  • You must sign up on



  • Regional events have many labels. You can read about them on USA Fencing

  • They are more expensive.

  •  There is weapons check – all your equipment must be checked and working to fence.

  •  There are usually vendors in case your equipment fails.

  • You can get rated.

  •  You can qualify for Summer Nationals if you get enough points. 

  • An RYC is a regional youth circuit and SYC is a super youth circuit (SYC brings in people from the entire country.

  • There are 6 regions in USA (we are region #4): our region covers 6 states.

  • You must sign up on the national website.



  • There are only a handful of National events.  They are called NAC.

  • You can get rated, qualify for nationals and even the Olympics.

  • These are the most expensive and we only recommend them for our advanced group UNLESS the competition happens to be in the local Bay Area. 

  • You must sign up on the national website.

  • These events often require travel.

To ensure a smooth competition, we kindly remind everyone of the following procedures

  • All fencers should check and double check their equipment at least a week before the competition. Any electric equipment will be checked by the tournament’s armory. You should have a minimum of 2 weapons and 2 body cords. 

  • All fencers should arrive at the venue at least 1 hour before their event’s start. Ideally you should arrive with ample time to check in, wait in line at the armory (usually a long line), fix/purchase any equipment, and warm up completely before your event begins.

  • Remember to bring your fencer’s proof of age and have their USA Fencing membership card ready. 

  • Fencers should find their teammates/coach upon arrival.  The team will place their equipment in the same general area, sometimes marked by a banner or flag.

  • Find your teammates and warm up together. Be suited up and sweating at least 20 min before your competition begins.

  • When the competition starts, please report to your assigned strip. The pool and strip assignment can be found at Please find your number and pool. The pool chart assigns each fencer a number, this is the number that the referee will use to identify your fencer, so please know your number, and listen to your referee very carefully.

  • After the pool round, fencers can rest for 20min while waiting for the next direct elimination (DE) round. DON’T LEAVE THE VENUE AFTER THE POOL.  In DE, winning fencers proceed to the next round, if you lose a DE bout, you are eliminated from the tournament. 

  •  If you lose, try to stay and cheer on your teammates!!!

  • Wear you BAFC t-shirt and pull over with black sweats. The pull overs will be available shortly.

Strip Coaching

 We do not require our coaches to attend local tournament.  We do have several regional events and national events that we do send coaches.  (listed above) There is a cost for the coaching you receive at these tournaments.  

Here are the policies of our club:

  • For Tournaments that are within the “Bay Area”, parents will NOT incur a travel cost.

  • For tournament outside the “Bay Area” the cost of travel and lodging will be split between the fencers attending.

  • We will never require you to attend a competition but do encourage you to go to the ones listed as well as all local events possible.  Local events are inexpensive in comparison, fun and a good way to get extra competition experience.

  • It's important to remember that in any sport, there will be both victories and defeats. We urge you to be patient and supportive of your child, regardless of the outcome. Any physical, verbal, or emotional abuse of a fencer, coach, official, or other competitors, is grounds for immediate expulsion from our club. 

  • Remember that you represent BAFC at this tournament, your sportsmanship, composure, and attitude all reflect upon your coaches and yourself. So, carry yourself proudly, have grace in both victory and defeat, treat your opponents with respect, and support each other.

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